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Good food
placed by Anonymous on the 13th June 2019

Fab place

100 percent all round
placed by Naomi Bryant on the 26th February 2019

Food is bang on everytime

First time ive ordered from Kukd. Food came on time and was delicious as every other time i have ordered from peppers city takeout
placed by Khaleda Kabir on the 25th February 2019

Almost 90 mins for food

Food delivered over an hour after estimated time (90 mins since placing order). Considering the place is 2 miles from my house and it was a Wednesday night this is shocking. Won’t be ordering again
placed by Nawaid Riasat on the 3rd January 2019

Great food

Really good stir fry chicken with rice
placed by Kashif Hussain on the 22nd November 2018

Forgot an item

Burger had to be warmed up in the microwave. Forgot mozzarella sticks.
placed by Nawaid Riasat on the 26th March 2018


the peri peri burger was really nice
placed by Arlene Joy on the 11th December 2017

Rubbish food

The food was raw and chicken was smelling and my daughter has been vomiting since
placed by Aaliya Butt on the 23rd October 2017

Thank god I rang up

It was 15 mins late and thank god I rang up.. they ended up putting fries instead of rice but they fixed it
placed by Hannah Russell on the 16th October 2017

Dry chicken

We were served chicken, which must've been sitting on the hot tray for a long period of time. Overly cooked, dry and the meat was crunchy which is not normal. Asked for our table to be cleaned twice, that also was ignored. Wouldn't not recommend this place, fully dissapointed.
placed by Anonymous on the 14th May 2017

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